What to Post on Instagram as a Content Creator

Instagram is an ideal platform for content creators because it is a simplified way of creating highly engaging content. Instagram content is often the cornerstone of influencer marketing and it is important to improve your follower’s feed with each post.

Instagram also has unique quality algorithms that have made it a challenge for content creators to stand by one another. Competition is tough, and an account can easily lose credibility if their content is not on par with other brands.

We have gathered a guide on what and how content creators can use their Instagram page to grow a good following and new clients. Instagram has grown over the years into a premium platform for social media users and it’s a fav for people who are always looking for something to make their feed look and feel better. 

What Instagram does for Content Creators

Instagram is a platform that is image-based and people visit it and have accounts on the platform for a visual experience because that is what they signed up for. Unlike other social media networks, content is focused on the image and the caption.

As a content creator, this is an opportunity to flex your creative muscles and prove to people that you are capable of creating beautiful and engaging conceptual imagery. People have criticized changes in the algorithm and its difficulties. However, this a way to grow as a creator.

You cannot grow a following with low-quality images and no content plan. Instagram has the potential to grow your following immensely because the quality of your work determines how visible you are. Remember, people join Instagram to have something beautiful to look at and your account should reflect the beauty they need to see.

With an increased following, you can even monetize your account through advertising products, as brands have caught on to the trend of using Instagram influencers to sell their products. If you offer an assignment writing service, it is important to stay in touch with your audience. Being able to add value to your content is a reflection of the brand itself and will ensure that you are rewarded for creating engaging content. 

Work Hard, Be Creative and Have Fun

It will not be easy, but it is important to see this as a journey of constant learning and understanding of what works and what does not. Content Planning is an excellent place to start. You can download content calendars online and simply set reminders as you go along.

Know what you are going to post, when and why it is central to growing your followers. It is easy to follow an account that is consistent and posts relevant content. Think of monthly and weekly themes, for example, to ensure that you are always on the same page as the audience.

Being able to plan ahead will also give you time to interact with your followers and find out what they would like to see more of. Once you are able to preemptively and intuitively create content, your users will fall in love with your brand more each day.

As a content creator, you also need to focus on your niche and dedicate time to growing your account and communicating with your target audience. You should not seem like you ‘all over the place’ or as if you do not know what you are talking about. Always conduct thorough research before engaging with a topic.

Tailor-Make Content for Instagram

Instagram is different from other platforms and when you are working on your Instagram page, you need to think about this. The beauty of Instagram is that its content also works on other sites so you can link additional platforms to share your post on. It is important to adjust and edit posts for Instagram and ensure that they truly work for the platform.

If you are also a student, you may want PapersOwl to intervene and assist with your paper while you work on your Instagram page. When planning content, you need to make a list of posts or ideas on a weekly basis and try to have it ready to post. It is also advisable to choose a day of the week where you solely focus on creating content and choose specific days for posting.

You should also consider uniforming images and creating a signature style like a simple border or logo stamp to make your shots look professional and neat. By dedicating time for creation, you save a lot of time and simply ‘for the sake of…’ is not beneficial to your brand. Being well-organized and planning your time effectively makes your content much easier to engage with.

Creating Images for Instagram

The ideal way to take Instagram shots is by investing in a good quality camera and if your budget does not allow it – do not worry about lighting and other equipment.

The most successful accounts use shots from cameras and not phones for the highest quality. Perhaps you have a phone with a good camera. However, as a content creator, you need to prove your capability beyond a reasonable doubt.

Using your content plan as a guide, you need to plan for your content adequately by having an idea of what each image will look like. When you are shooting, take as many images as possible to have different options to choose from when you are posting. You can create variations in composition, distance, and colors. A variety of choices will ensure that you have plenty of content for future use. Duane Furlong Studios says that you should have profile images that are headshots, this is very necessary.

You also need to ensure that you stick to an aesthetic when you are editing your images, such as the same filter or the same angles. If you are an advanced creator, you can also turn your images into a puzzle-like image that comes together in 9 or 12 separate images with their own story.

A consistent look is also how your audience gets to know and recognize your posts immediately. Your audience will also be able to grow with you as you create a consistent look and feel. Engagement with the audience is important because, as you target clients to work for, such elements of your brands should be analyzed.

You can add a spark to your images by using tools such as Adobe Lightroom, which is a free mobile app that adds on to Instagram’s existing editing tools to create an enhanced editing experience that is simple for the user. Furthermore, to avoid wasting time when you need to post a picture, you should try and do all your edits for the week in a single sitting.

Sharing your Work

Once you have read all your content, the crucial moment arrives and you need to post. Posting requires a lot of strategies and you need to avoid repeating content. As mentioned, there are many tools that automate your calendar to plan for posting.

Some planners can also assist you to automate posts and present times a post needs to go up. Once you have posted your content, it is also important to engage users, not trolls, as the comment on your post. This makes the user feel appreciated and might lead to a conversion.

Your post engagements are also a great way to get to know your followers so you can tailor content to them. A strong dedication to your niche also requires dedication to your audience and their needs which are ever-evolving. Your audience also plays a pivotal role in growing your brand and making it more relevant. 

Ideas to Grow & Monetize Your Content 

Of course, you are looking for ways to sell your product or service and there are different types of strategies to grow your content and attract the attention of gaining more clients or sponsorship. Here are some marketing tools you can use once your Instagram account is ‘popping’!

Monetized content could be a way to make a good living if you gain a big enough following that can sustain a positive image for your brand. Content creators can also use their following to tailor-make campaigns for other brands and employ their own strategies. Generally, a good content maker can turn nothing into something. 

Paid-for Marketing 

Also known as Sponsored Posts, these posts appear on the timelines of people who don’t follow you but share similar interests.

For instance, writing services like SpeedyPaper may use paid marketing to appeal to a new clientele other than college and university students. This is an ideal tool that increases brand awareness. The other way to do it would be to work with other influencers to share each other’s content to reach a wider audience. 

Affiliate Marketing and Coupon Codes

If you are in possession of amazing deals from affiliated brands and have coupon codes for specials, this is a good way to gather new followers.

Brands sometimes share coupon codes that you can also add to your account and brands can track how many people use your specific code. The idea of this is to drive conversions and change the simple viewer into a customer.

Become a Brand Ambassador

Although this is easier said than done, it can be lucrative for a content creator to represent a brand as an Instagram ambassador in their niche. If you are a foodie, you can get into an ambassadorship with a restaurant. By convincing brands that you can influence your followers to buy into their product, a content creator can make lots of money and get freebies in between!

However, as a content creator, you need to understand that you are entering a long-term relationship that requires a lot of work. Eventually, you will be able to synchronize your brand with your sponsor. 

Good Writing

The caption for your pictures should be the best one and also reflect exactly what the image represents. Dedicating time and applying some good writing to your posts shows that you care about your writing and are not simply ‘winging’ it.

It is important to find the right words to use and practice your writing as frequently as possible. If you fail to do so, hire expert writers from the best essays to help you with the writing part. Look up to similar brands and see how they are writing for their brands. Avoid bad grammar and spelling altogether.

Social Media Takeover

This is a unique form of marketing where a content creator takes on the page of a brand for a week or two. For instance, the brand would do a short insert about your process of creating content.

This is a win-win opportunity because your account is together with your brand by bringing both your platforms together. This is a great opportunity to gain more followers and unique engagements from new followers. 

Brand activation and events

As a content creator, there are many types of niche events you can attend to bring life and relevance to your brand. This allows your followers to have an exclusive peek into the behind the scenes of your amazing life in Insta. Attending events is a great way to engage with people and gain access to people who can help boost your brand. 

Competition and Giveaways

As a content creator, you can give your followers a chance to win prizes or access exclusive services. Your campaign can involve other creators or sponsors, but your audience should be able easily to enter the competitions.

Competition is a great way to gain new followers and ‘create a buzz’ around your services. It is also an excellent way for people to get to know the type of content you are capable of producing. 

The Bottom Line

Instagram has grown over the years into a premium platform for social media users and it’s a fav for people who are always looking for something to make their feed look and feel better. There are many techniques a content creator can use to attract more followers and a focus on quality is important.

Instead of simply randomly posting content, carefully curated posts are important because it is how you set yourself apart from the rest. However, this should not take the fun out of using your Insta account. It should simply add more strategy and structure to what you love doing.

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