Twitch Emotes Official Guide: Lists, Meaning & Characters Explained

In order to understand Twitch gameplay, every win and everything about Twitch play, you must read this article which will enhance your understanding of Twitch emotes and everything that t entails.

However, we don’t have time today to review every single Twitch emote since they are being released by the second, this is simply an introduction to Twitch emotes so you can have a better understanding of its complexities. BTTV has made it easier for third-parties to add new emotes to Twitch.

For every beginner or even those who have been on Twitch for a minute, it can sometimes be quite frustrating to have a bunch of emotes that mean nothing to you since you don’t understand the concept. So, without any further do, let’s get straight into what Twitch emotes are.

What Are Twitch Emotes?

Twitch Emotes are basically small emoji’s that are used within the chat section of the Twitch Stream to communicate or set a notion of what the current emotional state is. To put that in simpler form, Twitch Emotes can be used by consumers to communicate the support they have for a specific streamer.

Before we get into what Twitch Emotes are the best, let’s briefly discuss why Twitch Emotes are so symbolic. These emotes mean so much to the streamer and to the consumers, usually Twitch Emotes are sent out to relive the itching urge that person has to say about the streamer or related reason. Now,

Now that you have a better understanding of what a Twitch Emote is, let’s jump into the most popular Twitch Emotes so you can have a better understanding of the Twitch gameplay.

Top 3 Twitch Emotes:

TriHard Twitch Emote Meaning

TriHard Twitch Emotes
TriHard – Twitch

What it means: TriHard officially came to be in 2014 by the streamer TriHex. TriHard Twitch Emote is a very controversial emote, however it is very popular.

This Twitch Emote has been a very radical Twitch Emote (controversisl) because of the racist factor it plays. I have been used by some streamers in the context, although in the past before recently, this Twitch Emote was used in the “not harming” context.

TriHard Emote’s name came from a “try hard” where he had been spotted trying too hard to accomplish something. If you’re thinking about using this Twitch Emote, make sure you’re in a context where the Twitch emote won’t be inappropriate or offensive.

Kappa Twitch Emote Meaning

Kappa Twitch Emotes
Kappa – Twitch

What it means: Kappa is probably the most basic Twitch Emote out there. It was developed for anyone trying to enter the Official Twitch Culture.

Justin.Tv is where this Twitch Emote was formerly based, if you are looking to use this Twitch Emote in the chat, people usually use this twitch Emote to carry off a sarcastic reply on the chat. The Twitch Emote is by far one of the best Twitch Emotes out there today.

PodChamp Twitch Emote Meaning

PogChamp Twitch Emotes
PodChamp – Twitch

What it means: PodChamp is a very old Twitch Emote, probably one if it’s kind as well. People have been using this Twitch Emote for a very long time. It is based on the Gootecks, which is a Professional Street Fighter.

The Twitch Emote came out in 2011, and is the most popular to be used today. The meaning behind this Twitch Emote essentially means being surprised or something unusual. So when something surprising on the stream is going on, use this Twitch Emote to show your participation.


There are many more Twitch Emotes being used on streams today. Also, be sure to check those out, this article was just a brief introduction of what Twitch Emotes are and how you can use them to better understand the gameplay on the platform Twitch.

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