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Top 7 Best DSLR Cameras For Photography

It’s often interesting a lot of times when you have to read again and again so much about the impact of traditional DSLR cameras for photography, especially in an advanced tech age like this.

Blogs and social media posts these days don’t, however, keep mute about the disruption mirrorless cameras have also brought to the fray. 

What remains true is that whether you’re a veteran photographer or you’re just beginning, there is so much prospect using the DSLR cameras. Their value hasn’t diminished.

But you need to understand what the market is saying. Which of the DSLR cameras are actually on trends? What features should you look out for when choosing your DSLR camera? 

You don’t have to go through all of that stress, navigating from one site or blog to another looking for answers to these important questions.

In this post, we have carefully selected the 7 Best DSLR Cameras for established and beginner photography. Travelers can also tap useful information from this article before deciding on what DSLR camera to buy for their next tour.

Now, our buying considerations feature high image quality, durability, great usability, compactness, and complication. 

Take a look!

1. Nikon D850 FX-Format Digital SLR Camera Body

Nikon D850 FX-Format Digital SLR Camera Body

D850 is one of the choicest DSLR cameras you can find in the market. Its features speak volumes about why you should choose this camera.

Nikon provides amazing high-resolution and extraordinary dynamic range features with its 45.7 megapixels. You have no fear of moiré. Made with 9 fpsl, D850 guarantees you high AF performance and non-stop shooting.

What’s more, with no optical low-pass mesh, D850 is made with a back-side illuminated full-frame image sensor. The sharpness of D850 parallels that of mirrorless cameras, with its 8K6 and 4K time lapses. 

It has 3.2-inch touchscreen tilts. The battery functions at an optimal level while the 4K ultra HD video recording is superb. 


  • Excellent sturdy body 
  • High Resolution 
  • Fast frame rate
  • Perfect for both pro and beginner


  • Lacks Wi-Fi
  • Fixed Screen 

2. Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

Well, you can’t but exclaim in joy when you put your money on Canon’s 5D Mark IV Camera. It is a top-performer camera with incredible features. From its high image quality to versatility and performance, this DSLR camera is remarkable for high-resolution abilities with its 30.4 megapixels. 

Ideal for a wide range of applications, Canon’s 5D Mark IV Camera features a new high-speed full-frame CMOS sensor. With a dimension of about 36.0mm x 24.0mm, this sharp and bright camera can record normal ISOs of up to 32000. 

The camera’s 4k resolution video has the DIGIC 6+ Image Processor plus a low-reflection 3.2-inch touch panel LCD monitor to thank. 


  • Touchscreen LCD monitor 
  • Versatile shooting
  • High resolution
  • Sharp and bright display


  • Low Path Filter
  • No tilt screen
  • No EVF

3. Nikon D5600 DX-Format Digital SLR Body

D5600 DX-Format Digital SLR Body

The D5600 is one of the best DSLR cameras for photography. Fitted with a low-powered ever-on Snapbridge (Bluetooth connection) app, this amazing camera has the power to automatically transfer your shots from your camera to your smart phone. 

What’s more, Nikon D500 boasts a high-resolution 24-megapixel sensor as well as an extraordinary touchscreen with a 39-point AF system. D5600 also features EX PEED 4 Image Processor which makes your dream of a 4K video recording come true.


  • Perfect for amateur photography
  • Lightweight
  • Reticulating LCD


  • Full HD video only-
  • Limited optical viewfinder

4. Canon EOS 250D

Canon EOS 250D

250D retains all the great features of a traditional DSLR camera for photography. It comes with its small size (it’s actually the smallest DSLR camera in the world. It features an articulating screen with a great range of dials and buttons.

Tired of a cramped camera? 250D model offers a different experience. Although the video recording may see about 5% of your scene cut out, the camera’s viewfinder offers a quality image. 

What’s more, 250D also gives you extra work of having to crop the 4K video recording. So, if you’re a vblogger, this may not be ideal for your work.


  • Lightweight and Relatively small size
  • Great screen 
  • Perfect for beginners


  • Fairly basic AF system-
  • Video recording covers 95%

5. Sony a99II 42.4MP Digital SLR Camera

Sony a99II 42.4MP Digital SLR Camera

Sony is a popular brand in the electronics and technology industry. So, you don’t have to be scared. A99 II comes with appealing features that will make you prefer it over Canon or Nikon. That’s not sarcastic!

 With its full-frame sensor of 42.4 megapixels, A99 II gives you a huge range of different subjects. Whether you’re set for sports or action photography A99 II gives guarantee with its high resolution and fast frame rate. 

Then the 4K video recording as well as the adjustable LCD screen, A99 II is built with electronic viewfinders, a feature many beginner photographers may not be at home with. But that doesn’t diminish its value.


  • Fast frame rate
  • High-resolution sensor


  • Short battery life
  • E-viewfinder not ideal for beginners

6. Pentax K1 Mark II

Pentax K1 Mark II

Affordability, excellent design, great build quality, and high resolution are among those features that define this old brand. But it still competes and maintains its value.

Thinking of having a DSLR camera that boasts a high-resolution 36-megapixel sensor and a shake-reduction high-performance system? Pentax Mark II is the answer.

To keep your shots crisp, bright and clear, choose this camera. However, don’t buy if you think of sports and action photography. 


  • Great build quality
  • High-resolution sensor
  • Great shake-reduction system


  • Full HD video 
  • Slow continuous burst rate

7. Canon EOS 90D

Canon EOS 90D

With an optical viewfinder that gives 100% of your scene, you don’t have to crop the 4k video recording that 90D offers you.

If you’re looking to make an entry into the world of mirrorless cameras, 90D is great for you. It also features an extraordinarily long battery life, as well as 1300 shots per charge. What about its super high-resolution 32.5-megapixel sensor? It’s simply amazing.


  • Long battery life
  • Excellent workhouse camera


  • Single memory card slot
  • Fairly bulky 
  • Lacking Image stabilization 


Without much telling, you can see now that traditional DSLR cameras offer high-quality performance for photographers who are still hell-bent on reviving the old school mentality. But it’s not just bringing back this mentality, there is a value that comes with it.

No doubt, the temptation to go with trends is always there; but don’t get it twisted, DSLR cameras are out there with their extraordinary values. 

Your clients want to see Instagram-worthy photos; photos that catch a lot of attention on Pinterest, and that get a lot of Facebook tags. Some of these DSLRs are used for Headshot Photography as well.

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