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We all know that video in 2020 and beyond is critical to your success online. So, we created a Phoenix & Scottsdale video production service and in-fact, hired the right people to do this as well. As a client of Intricate Digital Marketing, it’s easier than ever before to use our video production service especially if you’re in the local region. For those looking for video outside our local maps, please don’t hesitate to inquiry about a video, that doesn’t mean we don’t service you. 

 Time Matters

Turn-Around Time

At Intricate Digital Marketing, we saw a gap in the video production industry. The problem was that the companies doing video weren’t turning around the footage and content at a convenient turn-around rate. We did a couple roofing promo videos, and they were turned around within hours of shooting the footage…doesn’t mean this will happen every time, however, it proves we really care about persistence and we are here every time for you.

Get More Customers With Video

It's proven that our Phoenix & Scottsdale video production generates more qualified customers by following our 3-point process when fulfilling a video project.

3-Point Video Production Process?

We believe so much in our video production service, we have created a 3-Point Video Production Process that we follow every time we implement a video project. You may be asking, why this?? It’s critical that we follow this process to ensure our videos have a significant ROI. We want to make sure these videos make you money. 

1) Purpose:

Having purpose in video production is mandatory. 

Every video project we do has a solid purpose that goes along. Whether you noticed or not, we ensure there is some sort of purpose before making the video. This means we have a strategy/kick-off call before we go out and shoot whatever is being done. 

2) Emotions:

Touching on emotions sells like you wouldn’t believe it.

Every video we make or shoot has some sort of emotions attached to it if it’s an information/about us/testimonial video because the purpose in a video is to educate customers on your product/service and at the same time make it memorable. 

3) Camera, Lighting, & Editing:

Having the right equipment is critical in 2020.

Gone are the days where you just need a point and shoot camera to get the job done. We use the utmost best camera technology

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