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Local Search Engine Optimization

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and when you add Local Before SEO, it simply means SEO but in the Local Market. In our SEO Service, we implement systems and processes so your website can rank #1 for target keywords. 


Did You Say Results? 

First one of our Motorcycle Shop Clients came to us and asked if we can rank for their city. Let’s just say we are ranking for over 3,000 Keywords now. We are ranking for Highly-Competitive Search Queries. We are well on our way to maximizing the Visibility on Google.

#1 Site Audit

We will audit your website to detect in-depth reviews and information about your sites, such as the speed, domain age, mobile-friendly, security, and crawling issues. A thorough site audit with us will ensure the site is capable of success in the competitive search engine rankings. Check out our blog regarding the importance of implementing a site audit before you start your Search Engine Optimization Campaign. Next is creating a Google My Business for Campaign Introduction.

#2 Keyword & Competitor Analysis

Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis is an extended vital step in your Search Engine Optimization campaign, we research not only your business but keywords that your potential traffic is searching for. With this extensive research, we implement our studies to optimize the page correctly.

#3 On-Page SEO

If you haven’t seen, the war of rankings is between all competitors with their on-site effectiveness. Google is always evolving its algorithms. Improving your on-page optimization will include content optimization, blog correction, header tags implementation, title, and meta tags, and ultimately optimize your on-site capabilities. Check out our blog about on-site optimization and what exactly is included.

#4 Technical SEO 

During this step of the process, it all about whether your site is ready for Google. A few things we look at are as follows. Sitemap collection, detect site crawling flaws, submit with google search console, submit to Bing webmasters as well, and detect any final/on-going problems with crawling and indexing.

#5 Off-Page SEO

Off-Page Optimization accounts for a large chunk of search ranking results. If you implement your off-site optimization correctly, you will increase your rankings by 50%. A few strategies we focus on are as follows. Social and other citations, Yelp and other directories, Google My Business, Bing My Business, build quality backlinks, implement local NAP listings, guest blogging if suggested, and competitor research for goals. See why off-page optimization is a tremendous ranking factor here.

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