SEO vs PPC (Paid Search): Which Should You Use?

To make it simple, SEO and search engine optimization is a free organic search and paid search is simply where you pay google for every interactive click. Here at Intricate Digital Marketing, we offer both PPC and SEO services. We recommend both since they are both essential to your Digital Marketing strategy. Search Engine Optimization is always going to be much more effective in the long run since you are getting a continuous source of relevant visitors. 

So, What’s more effective? SEO vs Paid-Search

Here at Intricate Digital we recommend SEO and believe it’s the most effective Digital Marketing strategy. Before we get into the specifics and the reporting of both components, let’s define these terms further. 

  • Search Engine Optimization: SEO is the most important digital marketing/search engine marketing component. If your website ranks in Google’s organic search results, you are ranking for keywords FREE of cost. This not only allows you to rank for relevant keywords but also creates a lasting presence in the google search rankings. The Search Engine Optimization strategy includes broad services such as keyword research, technical SEO, on-page optimization & off-page optimization. Your website will rank into the google search results on behalf of 200+ search ranking factors which we call the Google algorithm. 
  • Paid-Search: PPC advertising is the term we use for Paid Search. PPC means pay-per-click, which is self-explanatory, you pay google for an interactive click. We offer PPC advertising services, Paid Search is the second most effective Search Marketing strategy in my opinion. PPC advertising is where you want leads tomorrow morning, it’s almost instant results if done correctly. There are a few components of PPC advertising such as CPU research, keyword terms and testing the competitiveness. PPC advertising is almost like a hit or miss type of deal since you need to have a copious advertising budget in order for the ad to be convertible. 

PPC Advertising is very powerful so don’t get me wrong. That’s why we offer PPC services. We primarily recommend and service Search Engine Optimization since we have become experts and we believe our strategy works in every industry. Optimizing your Google My Business for service-based companies is absolutely crucial. Here is an example of the search results for the keyphrase, “Interior Design San Diego” 

This is an example of the PPC advertising campaigns going on in San Diego. House and Harmony & Bungalow 56 are spending a tremendous amount of money to rank this high in the search results for a high tier keyword. Perhaps they are splitting 40% of the traffic in terms of traffic conversions. 

Search Engine Optimization, on the other hand, allows you to rank for multiple variants of that keyword, for example, if we take this same keyword and take a look at the organic listing. Check out the image below. 

If you scroll down the page a little, you will find the organic search results, now if you are ranking number 1 for this keyphrase, chances are you have a good SEO Agency doing the work. Since this particular keyword is getting 1,600 monthly searches, the top position usually gets around 20% of the clicks if the CTR is optimized. 

Search Engine Optimization is thought of as a continuous stream of relevant leads, it’s an on-going process since Google is always evolving and changing. It’s all about optimizing the on-page correctly, then moving into backlink building and blog content. We do not guarantee SEO results whatsoever since they are very unpredictable. The article here is gaining more organic search results for our own website, we simply replicate this same strategy into your website to help grow awareness around your business and ultimately generate leads. 

In Conclusion: Make sure you check out our other related blogs below. Also, if you are a business owner looking to hire an SEO company and we are here for you, please contact us with more inquiries. 

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