Search Engine Optimization for Interior Designers

Search Engine Optimization for Interior Designers is so important because you are missing out on FREE organic Consultation Calls every day. Intricate Digital works with a few interior designers across the globe as we continue to deliver the results our clients want and effectively build a premier presence around our client’s businesses. We also provide SEO Services, click here for more information.

In this blog, we will uncover the Search Engine Optimization strategies I have performed, and really break down what works and what doesn’t work. We will also prioritize the importance of each factor, keep in mind we only mention the most important ranking factors. We prioritize our ranking factors from 1 to 10m 1 is low and 10 is a high priority. 

1. Create & Optimize a Google My Business – Priority 10 

Google My Business is so important in today’s day in age. Some businesses rely on Google, my businesses. This isn’t the best circumstance, but some say at least 30% of business sales came from the new Google Business listing. It’s free to set up a google my business, so if you have not yet set up a google my business click here to create a google my business today. We will be making a blog regarding google my business optimization soon, so stay tuned. 

Here is an example of a well-optimized google my business, just to get the gist, your google my business should include the following to be optimized correctly. 

  • NAP Listing – Name, Address, Phone Number or Contact Details
  • Images – Relevant
  • Business Descriptions
  • Hours 
  • Category 

Of course, there are more google my business optimization steps, keep it simple and do all of the bulletins in the beginning process. 

2. Optimized Website – Priority 8 

A correctly optimized website including website on-page optimization and other strategies are very important when trying to rank locally and regionally. The following are important on-site and website ranking factors. 

  • Website Content Development 
  • Website Speed
  • Customizing Title & Meta Descriptions 
  • Header Tags Optimization 
  • Image Optimization 
  • Schema Markup Importance 
  • On-Site Audit 

For more information regarding on-page optimization and a list of priorities in terms of your on-page optimization project, click here for another blog. We have an interior design client here in Scottsdale, AZ. Make sure you check out their website for Search Engine Optimization guidance

Here: Http://

3. Blogging is Important – Priority 7

Interior Design Companies rely on content, so why is it related to blogging content so important? Blogs allow you to rank for more and more keywords such as this blog you are reading here. They create professional exposure around your business rather than just a home and contact page. 
So what are the benefits of blogging?

  • Blogging brings exposure to your brand/business, it creates an atmosphere of professionalism and quality. 
  • It opens the doors to more clients/projects. 
  • Blogging creates more opportunities and ideas. 
  • Blogging creates a fan-base, as we move more into the future having a fan-base has quite the influence. 
  • Blogging, especially for medium to long-tail keywords, will drastically improve the organic traffic on your site and ultimately improve your URL authority.
  • URL Authority will allow you to rank higher locally and to get in front of your competitors. 

As the list goes on and on, it’s important to get a blog underway. There is tremendous value in investing time and money into blogging. Learn more about interior design blogs by contacting us. 

4. Image Optimization – Priority 5

Optimizing your interior design images is somewhat significant in today’s competitiveness. You want your business/images to show up in the google results to show-case the quality of your services. Optimizing your images requires a little bit of keyword research, then applying the studies to optimizing the ALT text attributes on your site. Customizing your ALT text attributes is important, also make sure your images are index-able for whatever SEO plug-in/Content Management System that you use. If you are unsure how to do that, click here for WordPress tutorials. 

In conclusion, we provide interior designers with effective Search Engine Optimization services at a reasonable price, contact us if you are interested in a consultation. Click here to get in contact. 

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