Keyword Research Importance

Now that you know how to rank your website on Google, one of the most important components of Effective Search Rankings is Keyword Research. Keyword Research is very important in terms of ranking for relevant keywords. We also provide SEO Services and click here for more information.

Even Search Engine Journal recommends and understands the importance of thorough keyword research. Check out their ideas here

So what benefits do you get from keyword research?

  • What key phrases are your potential customers are searching for.
  • How many people are searching for that keyword? 
  • Difficulty ranking for a particular keyword.

In this blog, we will explain the rationale for the importance of keyword research and then we will show exactly how we run our keyword research projects. Once you finish this blog, you will be able to apply your strategic keyword research to work, and start ranking for relevant keywords As Soon As Possible. 

Below we have numbered these aspects and the numbers will show the chronology of steps. Please keep reading below for crucial information regarding a strategic keyword research project. I am using the topic of Digital Marketing Companies. 

Here are a few tools to download and get before you start your keyword research plan. Download this link for in-depth analytics on volume searches. Also, buy or use a free trial with Ahrefs.Com. Click here for link access. 

These two resources are the best SEO Keyword Research tools on the internet. Get them. 

1. Research & Identify Who Your Customers Are

Research has to be completed efficiently, research and development are absolutely vital in any business, that’s why you hire us. We offer Search Engine Optimization Services. 

Finding out who your customers are is fairly easy, just follow these steps. Let’s say you have a digital marketing company. Your customers of a digital marketing company are business owners or business management. 

The next step is to find out what they are searching for in Google’s search engine. 

2. Find What Your Customers Are Searching 

It’s fairly easy to find exactly what your customers are searching for. The first thing is to take one of your top-selling services for your business. Make sure you add your location where you serve that service. For a digital marketing company, let’s use the Search Engine Optimization service. 

Scottsdale SEO

First: Google that exact service here is an image of me searching “Search Engine Optimization Scottsdale”

Second: Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the related searches. This is the very first tool you can use to find related keywords that are easier to rank for. 

Third: Now that I have a few different queries in mind, let’s go over to our good friend Ahrefs. In Ahrefs go to the keyword explorer section. Or click Here

3. Use Ahrefs to Determine Keyword Opportunities

Use the Ahrefs tool to determine whether this keyword is worth going after based on your website authority and what now. Take a look at the image below of my keyword explorer search.

Scottsdale SEO

This keyword has medium difficulty, so if you have anywhere above 26 website backlinks, according to Ahrefs, you should have the opportunity to rank page 1. Use this SEO Tool to value and comprehend the target keyword availability. It’s important to relate back to the site you are working on, and see if the site has quality backlinks if you feel like this target keyword is a go-to. Then try to go after it. Again, make sure you do research on your site and make sure it has a potential website analysis. 

Final Thoughts

You can also check out the other tools within this amazing platform such as the all keyword ideas tool, this tool will help you with more ideas regarding related key phrases. Also, check out the having the same terms tool, this tool will rearrange the typed in key phrase to were it easier to rank for similar terms. It’s important to only target keywords that you feel confident with ranking for. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this keyword research blog, make sure you drop us a line below. Now take your keyword research knowledge to the next level and apply it to your site, let me know your results below.


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