SEO Tips for Interior Designers: 5 Tips

Creating a Digital Marketing Plan for your Interior Design Company can be quite difficult. We have broken down all aspects of Search Engine Optimization and how you can implement these strategies into your Marketing Plan. We also provide SEO Services and click here for more information.

1. On-Page Optimization 

Creating an on-page optimization plan for your interior design business is absolutely vital. So what is on-page optimization? On-page optimization consists of building the custom title and meta description tags. Check out the example below. 

This is an example of a title and description on google. Creating custom tags will provide google with an authentic verification of exactly what this page is about. Not only this, but it is also what potential customers see on Google. For example, if a customer searches for “interior designers near me,” the very first website to pop up in the search results is most likely the most relevant to your search due to the content and code of that page, now do the title and description tag pop out. If your title and meta descriptions are correctly optimized, chances are your Click-Through-Rate is going to be reasonable. So what is recommended when creating a custom title and description tags for your website pages?

  • Have a Business Name 
  • Target Keywords are included in the title and description
  • User-Read Friendly
  • Call to Action in Description 

Include target keywords in your title and description are the most crucial part, then add your business name in an easy to read format. Having relevant title and description tags is crucial, remember that even though the content is king, make sure your title tags are relevant so your bounce time stays positive. Also, when there is a thorough call-to-action in your meta descriptions, it reminds the relevant viewers of the important inquiries. Staying up to date on your on-page optimization is significant, Google is always changing that is why we are here. 

2. Image Optimization 

Optimizing all your images for google in the Interior Designer Industry is quite effective. Interior Design companies get a tremendous amount of customers through image networking. Once your image testimonials are spread all across Google, it is more likely that customers will come across your image and redirect to your website for more inquiries. Simply create custom alt attributes for all your images and make sure they are index-able to Google.

3. Content-is-King

Businesses that create custom content have a huge advantage over their competitors. There is nothing like a piece of custom content such as the one you are reading right now. They provide huge advantages in keyword ranking and also building quality backlinks. The more channels customers can find you, the better off your business is. Check out this blog dashboard. 

Custom Blog Content is King

Blog content allows your business presence to expand its horizons and ultimately create tremendous leads. Writing blogs related to your business will allow you to rank for medium to long-tail keywords that have quite significant traffic. Creating content is reaching its max potential when consistency and quality are present. Major businesses have daily to weekly blogs. So with that being said, start blogging today. 

4. Local Directory Optimization

If you don’t have the budget or time to spend on creating an internet presence. Make sure you implement some time and effort in creating local directories for your business. The biggest is Google My Business, Yelp Etc. The more you submit to the more potential results will come. Click here for more inquiries on the best Directories.

5. Implementing Social Media 

Social media is growing every single day. In-fact almost 50% of local interior design companies get their clients from social media. Instagram and Facebook are the two social media platforms that I suggest. Posting and staying active on all social media platforms is important to keep a presence. Social media marketing can boost sales by 50% if done correctly. There are lots of potential clients on social media, if you post an image at the right time, it’s all about the impressions. Now they know who you are, they will most likely use your services in the future or recommend your company. 

Social media is all about staying active and interacting with your fan-base. Having a trustworthy platform, where posting and promoting your business is significant, could change your business atmosphere forever. Visit this local Social Media Company: Social Ally.

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