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Importance of Social Media in Search Engine Optimization

SEO is really important for a blog or website as without doing Search Engine Optimization your visibility in the search engine will not as good as you desired. There are many factors that are associated with SEO like proper on-page SEO, Good quality unique content, relevant high-quality link building, and Social media shares and social media presence. With the growth of the digital age and widespread use of internet social media become very popular among masses. Now we even cannot think of a day without using social media.

There are so many social media platforms that the masses use on a daily basis like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Linkedin, Whatsapp, Telegram, Hangouts, Pinterest, Instagram and many more. They serve a different purpose but the main aim is communication. We should be aware of the advantages of social media as you might be interested in getting more involved after knowing the advantages of social media in the field of search engine optimization. Even you will be amazed to know that MOZ (Regulates Domain Authority and Page Authority) gives priority to those sites that have a good social media presence. It will start increasing your Domain authority and page authority. Social media has a strong connection with SEO.

Here are three main benefits of Social media in SEO:

1. Get More Visibility: It is always considered a good practice to share your website or blog posts on social media. If you have a good follower then you can get more visibility to your post after sharing it on the social media platforms. Try to engage your followers and friends to your posts and make them your regular audience.

2. Get faster Index: It is now an open secret that googol and other major search engines always give priority to social media like Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and more. Once you write a post get ready to share on all the social media platforms and there will be a great chance of getting your post indexed faster than it normally crawled by Bots from your site. So, next time never misses doing social shares.

3. Get More Traffic: Some bloggers fail to get more organic traffic, but I have come in contact with some bloggers who get a lot of traffic only from social media sources. The traffic that comes may convert to your customer or for blogs you get more money from ads if you get more traffic. With the increase of traffic your off-page SEO will get improved. Link building is the first propriety to achieve more domain authority or Domain ratings but social media also effects as well.

Verdict on the Importance of social media in SEO:

Above I mentioned three main benefits of social media in the field of Search engine optimization. You cannot deny the importance of social media. I always share my tech blog posts on my social media platforms and it always gives me good results. I even share other links from which I get links to my blog. So it is highly recommended to share blogs in Social media.

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