How To Create & Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

It’s 2019, and over 60% of consumers are staring at their mobile phones. 

It’s time to create a Digital Presence for Your Business. Trust me, it’s worth it. 

So first, what is Google My Business? Google My Business is the Highest-Priority Business Listing for your Local Serviced-Based Business. Whether you are a painter or an electronic store, google my business is by far the most important FREE marketing tool you have.

The image below is an example of a fully optimized google my business listing. 

Optimized Google My Business
Optimized Google My Business

You have most likely seen a Google My Business listing, perhaps when you searched for a “digital marketing” company, a highly optimized Google My Business page popped-up. 

Now that you know the importance of google my business, let me jump into a step-by-step guide to creating a google my business. 

Go to this link (

Once you get to that page it should look like this: 

Google My Business Optimization

Click on the top right blue button, “Manage Now” 

Login into your Business Email Account. It should automatically sense you haven’t created a google my business yet so it should give you a visual aspect like this. 

Google My Business Optimization

Simply follow the instructions, type in your business name, you can change this name later if you would like. It will ask you for a few other prompts such as…

  • Address Information for Office or Store Location 
  • Category Inquires – Main Service you Provide

It will also ask for photos and other information, just click skip we will optimize your google my business correctly in a little bit.

1. Verify Your Google My Business 

Verifying your Google My business is the next biggest step, it should look something like this below. 

Verify Your Google My Business

After you verify your page via postal mail, you will grant access to listing the page, create posts, analytics & customers can leave reviews. 

Now that you have created your first Google My Business page, let’s figure out how to fully optimize your Google My Business so you can start generating qualified leads. 

I have implemented my Local Google My Business strategy over many different industries and sites, I am handing you exclusive techniques for free. So follow the steps below and you will start ranking locally. 

2. Establish your information and up-to-date

First, go to the information part of your google my business backend. As seen below. 

Now that you are under the “info” tab simply to fill out the information, there are a few components that I specifically recommend. They are as follows. 

  • Customize your Business Title/Name for example – If your business name is “Intricate Digital” and you primarily service Search Engine Optimization/Marketing Services, then use that as an advantage. You will result in something like this: “Intricate Digital Marketing + Scottsdale “SEO” Agency” Add a plus sign between your business name and your primary service and location. Of course, there are different variants, just keep it standard. 
  • Add Categories – For example, if you have a marketing agency, there are categories related to the “Marketing” Field. 
  • Make sure you add your service areas if you are a service-based company. 
  • Also, add your Hours, Phone/Contact Information, & an In-Depth Description of your Business. 

Now that you have completed the most important NAP information for you google my business. It’s time to start promoting new content and using user-generated content to your advantage. 

3. Use the Posting Feature to Promote Blogs & Business Updates

Using this feature not only increases your brand out-reach but also creates a tremendous reputation with your potential prospects. If you keep them entertained they will always remember your business. Check out the image below, here at Intricate Digital we use Google my business posting option to promote our blogs.

We get copious amounts of leads from using this tool and so can you. Simply go into the post section of Google my business backend. 

You can promote your website, add updates, events, offers or discounts, & different products. The opportunities are unlimited on Google. Start using all these features, they are absolutely free. 

4. Use User-Generated Content

Recommend clients or customers to leave reviews to your Google My Business, if you get reviews or comments, respond to them in a professional manner. 

This user-generated content professionalism will primarily increase your brand authority, primarily your reputation.

Remember a successful business needs to build an authoritative figure, your reputation is crucial in terms of creating a successful business so make sure you stay on top of your game with your digital presence. Or simply hire us, we offer a wide variety of digital marketing services, including Google My Business. If you don’t feel confident with your own marketing skills, hire your local professionals. Click here for more information about the services we provide. 

If you have any questions related to marketing, please give us a call. We would be honored to answer your questions. 

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