How to Merge Two Facebook Pages

At some point, as your business grows, you may find it necessary to solidify your digital presence for a bigger impact. Merging two Facebook pages is most likely one of the necessary steps you’ll take towards achieving that goal. It cuts down on confusion among your customers. Consequently, social media users will trust your business more.

If this is your aim, but you don’t know how to merge two Facebook pages, the following steps will come in handy.

Steps To Take Before Merging Two Facebook Pages

Before you get started on the merger process, first do a Facebook search on both mobile and desktop to ascertain the pages created under your business name. Once you’ve found a page created using the name of your business, go ahead and click on “Is this your business?” to begin the process of claiming the page before kicking off the merger process.

If you’re merging an old page that has a sizable audience with a new page, you should inform the audience about the upcoming changes. Also, make sure that you let any ads or sponsored stories run their course before getting started with the merger process.

Where possible, ensure that the names of the two pages that are set to be merged are similar. It would also be helpful if page details such as the website, business phone number, and address are similar on both pages. 

How to Merge Facebook Pages

Merging two Facebook pages is pretty effortless.

Below are the four steps to follow:

1. Go to

2. Select the Two Pages You Want To Merge

3. Click on “Continue”

4. Complete the Process by Clicking on “Request Merge.”

From there, Facebook will review your request and either grant or deny it.

If your page is eligible for a merger, Facebook will combine the likes and check-ins of both pages.

However, the platform will delete any posts, images, videos, reviews, ratings, and usernames from the page you’re merging. Only the content on the page you want to keep will stay the same, and it will receive the likes and check-ins from the other page. The merger won’t be successful if the pages aren’t eligible to be merged.

Claiming a Facebook Page Using a New Page

In a case where you don’t have an existing page and are creating a new one, but if you find multiple pages with your business name, you’ll need to prove ownership to Facebook. Verifying by phone is the easiest way to claim an unofficial business page.

However, if you don’t have a listed business number, you can submit your business documents, including a utility or phone bill and a business license, to claim a page. If the submitted documents meet Facebook’s requirements for ownership, the site will review your case to make a decision.

Claiming a Facebook Page Using an Existing Page

If you have an existing page and find duplicates on Facebook, you can report the duplicated page by clicking on the button that has three dots (next to the “Share” button).

Select the option “Intellectual Property” and click “Submit.” Facebook might require you to submit a report for further details.

The above are simple steps to guide you on how to merge two Facebook pages. They’re easy to follow and should help you clean up and consolidate your digital marketing initiatives on Facebook and strengthen your business’s online presence and reputation.

How To Merge Two Facebook Pages

How to Merge Facebook Pages?

  1. Go to

    Simply click the link.

  2. Select the Two Pages You Want To Merge

    Simply select the two pages in which you would like to merge.

  3. Click on “Continue”

    Simply click continue and prompt.

  4. Complete the Process by Clicking on “Request Merge.”

    From there, Facebook will review your request and either grant or deny it.

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