How To Add Resume To LinkedIn Profile

How much LinkedIn do you use? Have you ever thought of adding your resume to your LinkedIn profile? Do you even know how to add a resume to your LinkedIn page?

1. About Click the Pencil Edit Icon Located in the Top Right Corner

2. At the bottom is a “Media” icon section which carries the options of “Upload” and “Link”

3. Click on the “Upload” Option

4. Finally Click Save

As the world’s largest professional networking platform, LinkedIn has become a tool for every person who wants to pursue a career. Since your LinkedIn profile serves as your online resume, you cannot afford to mess it up.

As a reminder, LinkedIn is one of the most-used social media platforms across the world. As of January 2019, more than 500 million people were using the tool, generating lots of jobs and opening new opportunities for career-driven individuals. 

Your resume has a long way to determine how you’re discovered by myriads of headhunters scouting for talents on LinkedIn.

In this short post, we’ll take you through all the essentials of adding a resume to your LinkedIn profile. Every detail matters; every key information is essential. Take some time out to read to the last word. 

Why Have a Resume on LinkedIn? 

This is the first thing to talk about. Why do you even need to have your resume on LinkedIn in the first place? Remember, your resume is your first point of sale and the centre of attraction for talent hunters who are all over the place. 

They make their presence felt on professional networking platforms like LinkedIn, scouting for the best potential candidates who can add value to their businesses and transform their companies. 

Each time the reciter goes online and lands on your LinkedIn page, the first thing he sees is your identity. Your professional identity includes your name, photo, title, company, location, and a brief summary of your background and professional adventure.

But the headhunter wants more than the popular things. He wants to share your information with other members of his team. They can only have access to these things via your resume. 

Once you upload it, your resume automatically confers public availability on your experience and expertise and takes you from the social to the professional realm

How to upload a resume on LinkedIn?

It is important to start by saying that LinkedIn allows you to add all formats of common text files, including .pdf, .doc, .docx, .rtf, .odt, and .txt.

Once you’ve prepared your best and updated resume in any of the formats above, the next thing is to take a few steps to complete uploading the resume. It’s seamless. 

Step 1: Change your Profile Picture

The truth is that people would love to continue reading your LinkedIn profile and be prompted to download your resume only if your profile picture makes an excellent first impression. How do you then go about changing your profile picture? The procedure is seamless and takes a few minutes to complete. 

  • Log into your LinkedIn account and go to the top right corner. 
  • From the Me dropdown menu, choose a profile picture. 
  • From the dropdown, choose the ‘View Profile’ to change your profile picture.

Make sure that your LinkedIn profile picture looks smiling, competent. Your body language should also carry a friendly look as well. There are a couple of profile photo editors that can tell if your picture looks confident and smart, or if it is timid, cocky, and aggressive.   

Step 2: Upload your Resume

  • At the ‘About’ section on your LinkedIn profile page, click the pencil edit icon located at the top right corner. 
  • At the bottom is a “Media” icon section which carries the options of “Upload” and “Link”
  • Click on the “Upload” option 
  • Select the resume file you would like to upload 
  • Add a title and description if you want. However, this is not any of the necessary things to do when you are on this page. You may choose not to add the description. Use your name as the title.
  • Click on the “Apply” button to update your profile
  • Finally, click “Save” to make sure that your resume is added to your profile and you can return to your profile.


By uploading your resume, you have publicly sold your expertise and experience to potential headhunters. Don’t forget to include the steps of resume upload when applying for jobs on LinkedIn. It is as fundamental to getting the job as applying for it.

If you don’t want the resume you have uploaded, you can also remove and follow the same procedure to upload it back once you’re ready.  

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