How Long Does SEO Take? When To Expect Results?

Have you ever wondered How Long SEO Takes? Or when will SEO Results Come? This question is quite hard to explain. Every website or business ranks differently, which means results will be shown at different intervals. It’s important to keep in mind that Search Engine Optimization is an on-going process, results will come over time rather than instantly. Search Engine Optimization is more than instant gratification, it takes an astronomical amount of time and skillful efforts.

Search Engine Optimization results timelines vary based on the type of website or business. Local businesses usually rank faster than eCommerce sites.

Factors That Influence Rankings

Search Engine Optimization Rankings are based on hundreds of rankings factors. Since there is so much competition, Google has an algorithm that allows the filtration of irrelevant content. This means your content has to be relevant to the search queries or else your Click-Through-Rate will suffer.

1.Domain Age

Your domain age is a very important SEO ranking factor that can hold you back on your rankings. Learn more about your domain age here.

2. Domain Authority

Your domain authority plays a major role in determining how quickly your site will rank. The Domain Authority refers to its relevance for a specific subject area or industry. For example, I have been trying to build my domain authority in the marketing industry for the past year through blogging and guest blogging strategies. Your site may already have an organic domain authority which is great, which means that your site has received consumer attention on google and other websites that feature you and your business. Having a higher domain authority holds a better ranking opportunity, it depends on how much authority your site has to predict the ranking timeline.

Below we are showing a site that has no authority whatsoever and a site that has a domain authority of 55 according to Ahrefs. We use Ahrefs Domain/Site Explorer to research prospects and track rankings with current clients. I recommend Ahrefs since it has a very useful backlink explorer and site explorer.

We broke both website models into a brief timeline that features a thorough month-to-month timeline and what to expect during your SEO campaign.

A. Website with No Domain Authority 

Month 1

During the beginning stages, we are developing and researching your business plan. We perform a Site Audit to identify certain flaws within your site. Then, we follow up with business and brand research which includes, business goals, forecasting, and keyword research.

Month 2

This is the month of complete action, we will get started with the SEO campaign here. We have implemented some on-page optimization using our Keyword Research Studies. On-Page Optimization is an on-going process, but in month 2 we attempt to maximize the on-page SEO strategy for ultimate goals. Learn more about on-page SEO here. 

You may see early signs of ranking opportunities here.

Month 3

For the third month, we are continuing our on-page SEO efforts, but also implement some Social, Directory Citation content tactics.

Then, we start our off-page SEO strategies, which may include blogging, guest posts, link building, and other off-page SEO techniques.

Month 3 is when you first get an effective boost of results. It takes time and effort to get the domain authority to finally start ranking. SEO is more than just on-page SEO today. Your site will not rank effectively without organic and essential domain authority procedures.

B. Website with 55 Domain Authority (According to Ahrefs) 

Month 1

Sites with 55 domain authorities usually have an on-page SEO problem, and that is where we will spend most of our time.

In the early stages, we still perform a site audit and fix certain flaws in the site. After the site audit, we will develop and create a plan for your business goals and future forecast. We will look into some keyword research.

Month 2

During the second month, we will implement our keyword research studies and perform full-service on-page optimization.

On-page SEO is the most critical part of a site that has a great domain authority as such. If we implement a successful on-page SEO, you are almost guaranteed results.

Since your site is viewed as an authoritative website in Google’s eyes, you will have no problem ranking for relevant keywords and topics. It all depends on what your domain authority is, we like to say the most domain authority the faster your site will rank because Google (the largest search engine) acknowledges and respects the fact that your site is authoritative.

You will see tremendous results during the 3-5 week portion of SEO with authoritative domain authority.

Conclusion: Your site will rank faster if you have domain authority, reach out to us if you are interested in seeing what your domain authority is. We typically say 2-3 months is the average ranking time, but again it depends on the specific project.

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