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Google Confirms May 2020 Core Update Rolling Out

The Google Algorithm is very unpredictable, and just recently on Monday, Google has released a new update to its Algorithm.

The Purpose of This Update

It’s all about E-A-T…and how you should establish E-A-T in order to keep your rankings. For those who don’t know what E-A-T stands for-It stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. 

Expertise: Have you established expertise on your website? It’s time for you to establish Expertise on your website before it’s too late and Google will put the smackdown on your site. 

Authoritativeness: Being an Authoritative Figure in your space online is crucial to getting high rankings in the search engine results pages. 

Trustworthiness: The last component of E-A-T is Trustworthiness. Make sure that your site has a good reputation and your trustworthiness.

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