Top 5 Free Business Directories For 2020 [Guided List]

With over 3.5 billion Google searches every day. It’s time for you to list your business in the appropriate directories. Local service-based businesses, in particular, this is absolutely crucial to your marketing strategy. Spend the next 5 minutes reading about the importance of the 5 Essential Business Directories, Google My Business, Facebook Business Page, & Linkedin for Businesses, Yelp and Apple Maps.

What is a Business Directory?

So, what is a Business Directory? A Business Directory is an authoritarian website that has information or lists of businesses within all different industries. Applying to High-Ranking Business Directories is the most effective local marketing strategy that can be done, which is exclusively why we say your Google My Business listing is by far the most important. 

The following 2 business listings are listed from the highest priority to the least, although our 3rd and last recommendations are definitely highly-recommended still. 

1. LinkedIn Business Page

LinkedIn is the secret to gaining lots of visibility on the internet today. As Gary V. said, LinkedIn is the easiest place to reach hundreds of organic reach because there aren’t enough content creators to fulfill the users. Chances are it’s going to get saturated fast…so get on LinkedIn sooner rather than later. It works the same way as other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Right now there are far too many creators to reach good organic search, but on LinkedIn it’s a different game. Digital Shift has a fantastic article discussing exactly how you can create a LinkedIn Business Page.

Below we will show some key features that LinkedIn has.

  • Unlimited Organic Search Reach: With a single post and little to no effort you can reach a massive amount of eye balls as long as your content is relevant to your industry.
  • Professional Connections: LinkedIn is a great social media platform for networking, you can connect with business prospects and friends.
  • Publish Articles: Whether you have a personal blog or not, LinkedIn is a great place to publish your blogs right on the social media network. Click here to get started with your next post.

2. Google My Business 

Google My Business is by far the most powerful and effective business directory on the internet for your local service company. Google is the biggest search engine, so of course, they have their own business listing for local companies. Let’s get into the specifics. 

There are two popular incentives help the prospect of making a buying decision, including consumer reviews and Google. Google My Business consists of them both. We have a phenomenal article on how to create & optimize google my business. You better check out that article here.

Let’s discuss the specific importance of Google My Business Directory. 

  • Gain Trust: Since this listing is powered by Google, it automatically gives your business a huge influence and trustability since Google trusts your business. You can have customers have fill-out reviews. Reviews increase brand-trustability and ultimately make sales in some cases.
  • Gain Website Visits: Show-casing your brand will be key in 2019. It doesn’t hurt to promote your website in your google my business directory. 
  • Get More Sales: More than 30% of prospects for service-searches are being interactive in the Maps Listing. As shown below.
  • Engage with Prospects: Google My Business Directory has unlimited opportunities to interact with customers and potential prospects. Such as posting events, updates, promotions, and announcements to your audience. 
  • Create/Claim and Optimize Your Google My Business Page: If you have not yet created a Google My Business, we have provided you with a great blog showing exactly how to create a business page, and ultimately how to optimize your page so you can maximize your rankings. We also provide Local SEO Services, where we will create and manage your Google My Business page, contact us here if you are interested. 

3. Facebook Business Page

I am sure you have been told before that a Facebook Business Page is significant in your local business. Get it now, it’s free. I will run through certain aspects of a Facebook page and what exactly its benefits are. 

Learn G2 has an article that will teach you exactly how you can create a facebook business page, there are a few important steps you’ll want to follow so you can check out the article here.

  • Build a fan-base: The internet in 2019 loves fan bases if you have an authentic foundation of followers who trust and follow you every day. There is a huge influence on Large Search Engines such as Google. 
  • Interact With Fans & Customers: Staying active with your fan base and customers are crucial as it builds the credibility your business deserves, which is one component of an “Authoritative Brand.”
  • Build Brand Awareness & Website Traffic: Building a Brand Presence is the biggest influence in getting qualified leads from Google since Google’s algorithm favors them. 
  • My Facebook business page is as follows: 

4. Apple Maps

Apple Maps is used by millions of users around the world. It’s one of the best ways to find places locally and to get there swiftly. It’s very easy to set up a business account on Apple Maps as well. Synuo has a fantastic article showing you exactly how you can create and claim your apple maps business.

Let’s discuss the specific importance of Apple Maps Directory. 

  • Look Up Information: Apple Maps offers the best information about every business that is listed there. You will have a buying decision after looking at this module.
  • Restaurants: There are specific modules and capabilities with restaurants where you can reserve tables and whatnot.
  • Siri: You can rank in the organic results and even the voice search from Siri.

5. Yelp Directory

Yelp is a tremendous business directory on the internet. In fact, there are multiple users that only buy from businesses that have Yelp. Which means if you don’t have an account you are out of luck.

Yelp Business

Digital Shift has a fantastic article discussing exactly how you can create a yelp page.

Let’s discuss the specific importance of Yelp Business Directory. 

  • Integrated Reviews: The review system on Yelp can be frustrating at times. In essence it’s a necessary but complex system where they have authorization on the reviews. This means each review is crucial and they run through a security check to make sure each and every review is authentic.
  • Exclusive Customers: I call them exclusive customers on Yelp, they only buy from companies who are listed on Yelp.

In Conclusion: Invest your time and learn more about How to Create and Optimize the Best Free Business Directories. 

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