Full-Comparison: Elementor Free VS Paid

Before we get into Elementor Free vs Pro, let’s talk about what Elementor is. Elementor claims to be the Leading WordPress Page Builder out there, Elementor was invented to make it easier for website designers to build their websites. Elementor also features an easy-to-use drag and drop website design feature. 

Full-Comparison: Elementor Free vs Pro 

  1. Elementor Pro allows you to customize your entire theme. Elementor Pro opens up the opportunity to no longer struggle with all your website design projects, so you can visually customize headers, footers, and single blog posts all from the way builders are. The Elementor Pro works on any WordPress Theme and the best part of it is that it doesn’t require any coding experience. There is no other application that offers this solution. With user-friendly, code-free, drag-and-drop website design features, you can finish more projects or even spend more time on growing your business than ever before. 

2. Visual Contact Form Creation: In Elementor Free, you can’t fully customize your contact forms, not allowing full customization resulting in fewer contact conversions (aka fewer leads). Investing in the Elementor Pro will not only get you more customers, but it will also generate a more proficient website design. 

3. Professional Pages + Blocks: Elementor allows “Free” users to choose from a limited selection of pages or blocks. This is very important because now your website looks like every other Elementor Website and also has no unique look. Plain customization will not generate leads; Straight North stated that websites can do certain techniques that generate massive leads. Elementor Pro opens its doors to possibility. 

Elementor Widgets: Elementor Free vs Paid: 

Elementor Pro offers vital widgets and website features that are important to every website designer. This includes animated settings, design strategies (Blog Post Share), and even some eCommerce opportunities. Learn more about the Elementor Pro Widgets below. 

Elementor Free and Elementor Pro have lots in common, but if you really want to maximize your website’s capabilities, get Elementor now. Quite honestly it’s worth it, with a yearly fee of $49/year. It’s well worth it, you can finally start generating the leads your business deserves. 

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