Ecommerce SEO in 2019

As we excel through 2019, it’s important to stay on track and ahead at eCommerce search engine optimization trends. Since SEO and Google’s algorithms are always changing and evolving, it’s crucial that you stay on top of the game with all the new ranking factors and business performances. 

1. Build a Stronger Brand

Your brand is a vital part of your business. When people are familiarized with your brand they are more likely to trust your business rather than a competitor. 

Did you know, it takes a consumer on average about 7 times-viewing to have the authority and trust that your business is reliable and trustworthy.

Yes, I know that building a stronger brand isn’t easy. But start with blogging and networking. 

2.  Custom On-Page Optimize All Products & Pages

As an owner of an online store, you rely on the sales of your products to stay in business. Creating unique and custom Title and Description Tags is only going to benefit your rankings. Keep in mind, if you decide not to invest your time to change and customize all products, the default titles will be the product themselves. The image below is a perfect example of custom on-page aspects. 

3. Implement Off-Page & Public Relations

Off-Page optimization for eCommerce stores has a big influence on your search rankings. Building links and having page authority for eCommerce is, in fact, the most important aspect when getting SEO rankings.

We tied Public Relations and Off-Page together because they interconnect. When you perform the various different tasks of Public Relations you are networking and reaching other influences to get links and build page authority. 

For example, if you are selling hair products and you reach out to a famous Beauty YouTuber and propose a deal, most likely they will accept a reasonable proposal. Having an influencer promote a certain product or just your brand, in general, will bring lots of awareness and authority to your brand. For more information about reaching out to Influencer, click here.  

If you follow these 3 easy effective tips for your eCommerce store, you will see a drastic increase in general visitors and sales potential. 

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