Low-Budget Digital Marketing Ideas

To Start With: Having a successful Digital Marketing Strategy takes lots of time including research and development. But the question is, is there a cheap alternative to Marketing Services? The true answer is yes, there are many different strategies or ideas you can test. Marketing is always a trial and error campaign. If PPC advertising doesn’t work, don’t invest your time or money there. 

1. Get a Website Built

Building a website is the first and foremost important aspect of creating any presence on Google. A website allows you to showcase your brand so customers can recognize exactly who and what you do. What Needs to be Included if you Decide to Build Yourself. 

  • Homepage which has services and brand information
  • Footer with Phone Number & Hours
  • Services/Product Page
  • Contact Page
  • Images
  • Lots of Content
  • User-Friendly Design/Theme
  • Good Page Load Time
  • and that’s about it

When building your own website, it’s totally fine, just keep those bulletins in mind when doing so and good luck. 

Otherwise, we offer website development services. Contact us here. 

2. Start With Claiming Your Google My Business

Claiming your Google My Business opens fantastic sales potential. Google My Business takes very little to set up, if you optimize with Business Name, Services, Website, Phone Number, Hours and a Brief Description, this limited work will produce great results in the future. Although you won’t get immediate results, over time google will start to trust your business. 

It’s quite important to make sure your information is up to date, so make sure you’re updating your inquiries as needed. There are no technical parts to optimizing your google my business, google will automatically submit your page to google for consumers to see. This is an example of a Google My Business Listing.

If you are wondering how to Set-up a Google My Business, follow the instructions below. 

Step 1: Create a Gmail account and Sign In

Step 2: Go to google.com/business – Then click Start Now. 

Step 3: Enter your business name. 

Step 4: Enter Business Address

Step 5: Follow the prompts as follows, then add images and whatnot. 

Step 6: Verify your Business at Google. This verification process will take a couple of weeks because you will have to wait for a postcard to come in the mail unless you are claiming your business and it allows you to verify by phone or email. A fully optimized google should look like this.

The listing above has a business name, address, website, phone number and hours. Those are the most crucial aspects to google my business. The questions that remain are: How do you rank for keywords? Ranking for keywords for a google listing takes time but not very much time or money. If your Google Business listing is full of information and images relevant to your business, over time you will rank for great keywords. Responding to reviews and posts will help produce results faster. 

Final Thoughts: Creating a Business website and google mu business listing are the two most important Marketing Techniques anyone can start with. If you are a contractor or small business, start with a business website and create yelp and google my business listings, its the best start in my opinion. 

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