Best Digital Marketing Books in 2019

Are you an expert in the field of Marketing? Or Internet Marketing? Did you know every Digital Marketing Expert reads many books every week? Therefore, you should be inspired to read the Best Digital Marketing Books in 2019.

“Digital Marketing is also evolving, therefore, read more books to stay on top of your game.”

Marko Sipila

The Digital Marketing books below are not ranked by any means, they are simply The 3 Top Marketing Books out there right now. If you read these Digital Marketing Books you will become a more well-rounded Digital Marketer. These books don’t necessarily focus on one topic, but focus on all the important aspects and how Digital Marketing can change your brand.

1. Build Your Brand Mania – By Matt Bertram

Build Your Brand Mania + Best Digital Marketing Books

Build Your Brand Mania is the Best Digital Marketing Book on this planet. The author of this book Matt Bertram emphasizes the missing piece of internet marketing that every business owner misses and that is transforming yourself into an authoritative brand that attracts your ideal customers.

So who is Matt Bertram? Matt Bertram is the current CEO and Digital Marketing Strategist at eWebResults and Co-Host at the Best SEO Podcast on iTunes and the Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing.

Matt Bertram also emphasizes that most psychologists would agree that the secret source of building your online brand is to be viewed as a Trusted Advisor. The most unique part about this Digital Marketing Book is that it’s not rehashed or untested strategies, Matt Bertram himself and implemented these strategies and tactics into hundreds of clients, businesses, and entrepreneurs.

“Are you looking to Build Your Brand Mania online? This book would be a great addition to your library.”

Matt Bertram – LinkedIn

This Digital Marketing Book is only $14.99 on Amazon.

2. The Growth Market’s Playbook – By Jim Huffman

The Growth Marketer's Playbook + Best Digital Marketing Book s

The Growth Marketer’s Playbook is one of the biggest sellers on Amazon. Jim Huffman, the author of this Digital Marketing Book, focuses on the strategic formula for growing your business online. This Digital Marketing Book will teach you the formula for how businesses grow their online presence.

So who is Jim Huffman? Jim Huffman is the co-founder of growth agency GrowthHit and a growth mentor for the Techstars startup accelerator. He has led growth at three startups that went from ideas to over $10M in sales and were featured in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, and the TODAY Show. He has advised and taught digital marketing to brands that include Sephora, General Assembly, OREO, Hot Wheels, FedEx, Clorox and more.

This Digital Marketing Book is only $19.99 on Amazon.

3. Top of Mind – By John Hall

Top of Mind + Best Digital Marketing Books

Top of Mind is all about content and how powerful it can be. The author of this Digital Marketing Book John Hall emphasizes the power of content and how you can leverage your online content to encourage the consumers that you are an expert in your industry. Check out the quote below.

So who is John Hall? John Hall is the co-founder and president of Calendar, a leading scheduling app that he’s convinced will change how we manage and invest our time. He authored the best-selling book “Top of the Mind,” published by McGraw-Hill. John was a recipient of the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Best Emerging Company and was recognized as one of the Business Journal’s Top 100 Visionaries.

“What do many successful businesses and leaders have in common? They’re the first names that come to mind when people think about their particular industries.”

John Hall – LinkedIn

This Digital Marketing Book is only $19.99 on Amazon.

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