Being “Mobile-Friendly” and Having a Mobile App Boosts Your SEO

With your mobile app in front of them, you’re boosting your SEO and customer reach!
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Does Having a Mobile App Improve SEO Rankings?

Remember a time not too long ago when having a website was nice to have but not necessary for a business’ growth and success? Well, the time is now a must-have if you want to be taken seriously in your business. Having a mobile app for your business is quickly becoming that website that was a “nice to have”, but now a “must-have”. As many people carry their smartphones in their pockets which, let’s face it are mini-computers, having an app for your business is not only making it much easier for your customers to access your business but also increasing your visibility and boosting your SEO. Having the app in the app store increases your customer reach and Google treats you as a serious business owner by giving your SEO a boost!

In April 2015, Google announced that your SEO ranking would be higher if your website was “mobile-friendly” and they were also increasing rank with “App Indexing”. What this meant was that Google would be using mobile-friendly factors in its mobile search results and would rank mobile apps participating in App Indexing for signed-in users better in the mobile search results. When a customer finds your business through a search and your blog or information populates to give them their results, they can click your info and be sent to your website, therefore increasing your traffic. Also, the app indexing opens up your mobile app or if they don’t already have your mobile app downloaded, it will take your customer to the app store to allow them to download your app which increases your downloads in the app store.

Mobile Apps Influencer SEO Rankings 

So yes, having a mobile-friendly site is critical, but to really take your business to the next level you’d be smart to have a mobile app. Why? You increase your visibility to your customers by putting your brand and product in front of them with push notifications (if they allow push notifications) such as promotions, coupons, and greetings for holidays and birthdays. Just like ads we see consistently, eventually, after seeing them often, we remember the brands and the products and eventually end up thinking of such brands and products when the need arises. That in itself is SEO value, along with the help of Google and other searches. 

Having a great digital marketing team that understands this little gem of knowledge to boost your SEO is important. When searching for a good team to help you reach the highest potential with your digital marketing efforts. Make sure they understand all aspects of how they can help you achieve higher rankings. If they haven’t already suggested that you would have higher SEO and customer reach by having a mobile app in the app store, then take the lead and ask them to help you get your mobile app built because that’s taking your business and SEO to the next level!

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