Digital Marketing Strategy For Automotive

1. Local SEO – Google my business listing

Rank in the local search engine.

2. Reviews & User Content

Use User Content to sway customers your way.

3. Website development

Showcase Brand is very important in the Automotive Industry.

4. SERP & SEO Integration

Rank at the top of Google to showcase the brand.

5. PPC Ad Integration

Competitive Industries Require Advertising Investments.

Automotive Marketing Tips & Strategies

The automotive industry

Here at Intricate Digital, we currently work with a variety of Automotive Clients. Investing can be spendy, but the return is rewarding. Companies that rank high on Google in this niche are getting 80% of the traffic compared to the lower tier companies. 

5 Effective strategies


Local SEO is an incredibly effective way to get started with every local business marketing plan. According to Google, 46% of searches now have a local search reason. 

Customers who are looking for a Body Shop or some other relevant automotive shop, search queries such as “Auto Repair near me” The majority of the customers searching for this keyword will find exactly what they are looking for within the first page. 

Marketing for Automotive


Customers will only choose a business from an online platform if it has relevant & positive reviews. Leverage Marketing wrote an entire blog referring to Google Reviews and how exactly they contributed to your local SEO Rankings. Click Here to Read More.


Showcase Business is believed to be the most important aspect in terms of getting new customers. If you have a website that showcases brand and quality, customers are much more likely to use your services and products. 

Build a professional website with us and we’ll guide you every step of the way. Do we take 100% input from our clients, such as the What Do You Want Show? Etc. Click here for our website design services. 


Creating an optimization plan for your website is crucial. Why do I have a website without promoting it? So why do you need Search Engine Optimization on your website? – Search Engine Optimization is a way to submit to a variety of search engines so your website can rank organically and locally. Take a look at the example below. 

This is an example of the top search results for the keyword phrase, “auto repair shop Scottsdale” This keyword phrase holds quite some value as well, most likely these two companies are well known corporate-wide. The corporate website will always have an authority advantage, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your slice of the pie. If your website ranks just below the top rankings, the truth is you’re getting 20% of the traffic. 

What are the crucial SEO Parts Briefly?

  • Technical SEO 
  • On-Page and Off-Page Optimization
  • Link Building
  • Local Directories & Listings
  • Keyword Research 
  • Tracking & Reporting 
  • & more, click here for Intricate Digital Services

Contact us for more inquiries regarding our SEO Services. 


PPC advertising is crucial when it comes to tight and competitive industries. There are hundreds of automotive repair shops and many more. When it comes down to getting effective leads from google quickly. Google AdWords and CPU are the most effective ways to get calls, clicks, and directions inquires.

SEJ Search Engine Journal has created an in-depth PPC Complete Guide to PPC Marketing and the basics within it. Click here to be redirected.  

During PPC Advertising, keyword research and landing pages are vital when investing in paid campaigns. In-depth research will gain the best results and ultimately more sales. Having an effective landing page is crucial because there has to be a call-to-action. The advertisement will show at the top and bottom of the search engine on a relevant keyword phrase search. Having a call to action will redirect customers to a relevant/custom landing page giving all the information relevant to that advertisement. Nobody wants to pay google for inaccurate clicks. 

The automotive industry is known for Google’s paid campaign bidding. Companies will compete with Google and pay more to get more relevant search traffic. If you invest below the bidding cost, it’s totally fine, your ad will still get relevant clicks due to the Title and Meta Description Tag accuracy. There is a lot more to google advertising than what I mentioned here. I would advise you to check out WIKIPEDIA’s thoughts on PPC advertising.

Last Thoughts – Marketing for the Automotive Industry can be very tedious and time-consuming, that’s why we are here. We will Create, Manage, & Optimize your Marketing Plan. Just send us a brief message here.

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