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8 Tips To Get Instagram Followers To Engage W/ Posts

After increasing brand awareness and engagement, it’s important to have organic Instagram followers who will see your post and share your photos. Indeed, lots of brands can benefit from using Instagram. While many still prefer Facebook in reaching out to people, Instagram, on the other hand, performs a lot better when it comes to visual marketing and branding.

Instagram started as a basic picture sharing service. But through the years, it has become a powerful digital content marketing and online community-building tool. It can effectively create brand awareness. It helps many influencers to increase their followers further. It can even make simple individuals become instant social media celebrities.

If you’re new to social media marketing and it’s your first time to use Instagram, below, we are providing eight essential tips on how to effectively get active followers and engage them in your every Instagram post.

1. Create the Right Instagram Hashtags

Hashtagging your content is extremely important if you want people to notice you, thus getting more Instagram followers. It is as important as posting interesting photos and content if your aim is to grow the number of real active followers. You can start by using some of the most popular Instagram hashtags that are related to your brand so people can easily find you. Using popular hashtags, the chance of getting active engagement and likes are much higher compared to creating your own hashtags. However, if you want to pursue your own hashtags, you can use hashtag generators to create relevant tags for your brand or niche.

2. Take Advantage of Instagram Filters

Currently, the Instagram app provides 10 different types of photo filters. Applying the right filters can have a significant impact when it comes to engagement. According to a study, most Instagram users respond to certain filters more favorably than others. Moreover, experts also recommend that sticking to a particular filter is a lot better compared to using more than one. At least 60% of the best-performing brands on Instagram are using the same photo filter every time they post.

3. Know What’s the Best Time to Post

Even if you have the right hashtags and applied the best photo filter, but you missed the time where your active Instagram followers are online, then all your effort will only be put to waste. Knowing the best time to post is essential if you want to get the most engagement. It’s a little tricky at first, but by studying Instagram Insights, and testing different posting times, you’ll be able to get the idea of when is the perfect time to post your content. Moreover, you can also use free online tools and guides on knowing the best time to post on Instagram. Try also using online social media management tools like Hootsuite to easily manage and schedule all your posts not only on your Instagram but to all your social media channels as well.

4. Take Advantage of Instagram Live

That to Instagram’s continuous innovations, everyone can now use Instagram Live. Similar to Facebook Live, it allows you to connect with your Instagram followers in real-time. You can also use Instagram Live within Instagram Stories. Then again, you must do this at the best time possible. Going live is the best way if you want to introduce something new with your brand or to announce an incoming event. You get to directly interact with your followers in real-time, thus gaining more trust and creating more bonds.

5. Connect to influencers

Influencers are individuals with big followings, either celebrities or famous bloggers. Your first step is to build up trust with influencers whose niche is relevant to yours. If you were able to present your brand well and gain their trust, they can bring dramatic exposure to your brand. Compared to traditional advertising, influencers’ recommendation is far more effective since their followers already trust them. Moreover, they can advertise your brand to thousands of people in a very straightforward way.

6. Link Your Instagram

One way to create active engagement is by linking your Instagram post across all your social media channels. Besides, probably most of your followers are also using other social media such as Facebook and Twitter. It can help you to increase your engagements across all of your platforms with just one post.

7. Embed Your Instagram on Site

While the idea of using Instagram is to drive traffic to your main website, you can also do it the other way around. By embedding your Instagram post to one of your website’s pages, such as in your blog post, it can also drive traffic and engagement to your Instagram post.

8. Make Time to Interact

Another effective way to increase engagement is by interacting with your followers by replying to their comments or inquiries. In this way, they’ll feel that they’re valuable to you. It is also the perfect way to start a conversation and even exchange ideas. It makes your brand trustworthy and gives you a high chance of making new followers.

Final Thoughts

Getting people to follow you and engage in your Instagram post is easier said than done. But, by following these tips mentioned above, you are assured of getting good results.

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