11 Steps to Create a Content Strategy to Drive More Traffic

You’ve invested a lot of time and effort to design a powerful content strategy and now you expect thousands of users to visit your website every day? We hate to break your hopes and dreams, but high-quality posts are not enough to get you that much-needed website traffic.

While it is a mandatory precondition you ought to fulfill, the content itself does not have enough power to attract target audiences. On the contrary, you need to create and implement a solid content promotion plan in order to earn a substantial amount of followers.

In this post, we will show you 11 content promotion strategies that can help you to drive more traffic to the site. Let’s check them out!

1. Share New Posts on Social Media

The first tip on our list is obvious, but we must never neglect one of the most powerful content promotion channels available online. With more than two billion daily active users, social networks can help you to spread the word about new posts all over the globe within minutes.

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However, we should warn you not to waste time administering irrelevant accounts. The idea is to concentrate on networks that really mean something to your target audience. After all, why would you publish content on LinkedIn if your fans are using Instagram and Facebook?

Another tip is to share new posts multiple times. This is important because social networks are flooded with millions of posts every single day, so it will be difficult to get noticed among so many publishers.

2. Send It to Email Subscribers

The second strategy is to send an email to your subscribers whenever you publish a new high-quality piece of content. Billions of people use email globally and it is considered to be the primary channel of professional communication, which means you need to treat it the same way as well.

But in order to do so, you have to build the list of subscribers long-term. Encourage website visitors to sign up for newsletters using attractive lead magnets such as free tools, small incentives, webinars, eBooks, and so on.

You should also pay attention to email copies. Each message should be direct and straightforward, letting the recipient know what to expect from it instantly. Try to make an appealing subject line and don’t burden the audience with too much text. All it takes is a clear message to explain why they should check out the new post.

3. Submit Posts to Content Communities

No matter who you are and what you do, you should be a serious industry professional and join the most relevant content communities related to your field of work. These are the places where like-minded members discuss the latest niche trends and share news that might be interesting to other participants.

You can find a lot of content communities online, from social media to specialized industry websites. For example, some of the popular HR-related communities include SHRM on Facebook and Talent Culture on Twitter. If you have any problems with content writing just use essay help online

Almost every niche has a number of relevant content communities, so we encourage you to join them, contribute with quality comments, and promote new posts if you believe it will enrich the experience of other members.

4. Advertise Your Posts

Organic promotion is by far the best way to market your website, but no one can reach the fullest potential without occasional advertising. It’s a nice tactic if you want to popularize top-level posts and reach out to qualified leads only.

What makes digital advertising so amazing is the fact that you can target content consumers extremely accurately, thus preventing time and budget waste. For instance, let’s see how Facebook Ads targeting functions:

  • Core audience: This option enables targeting by demographic features like age, location, interests, gender, and many more.
  • Custom audience: You can choose to target users who already established some sort of contact with your company through the website, social networks, live chat, etc.
  • Lookalike audiences: The third solution is to target users who look like existing content consumers.

5. Promote Via Live Video

John, who is a writer at top paper writing services reviews says: “The power of video marketing is so immense that you simply cannot afford to neglect it. The only problem is that most companies are not ready to invest in video production because it’s expensive and time-consuming.”

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But there is a nice solution to the problem – use live videos to promote the content. According to the report, over 80% of consumers prefer watching live videos from a brand than reading a blog about the same topic.

This is only one stat that proves the importance of live video for modern marketing, but it’s enough to encourage you to give it a try. After all, live videos don’t cost you anything and don’t require a lot of time, so there is no good reason to avoid this content promotion strategy.

6. Don’t Be Shy to Send Outreach Emails

A whole lot of content creators forget that they can reach out to brands and/or social influencers after publishing new pieces of content. As a matter of fact, it seems like most of them forget that this option even exists!

What seems to be the idea here?

The strategy is easy to figure out – you mention a brand or a social influencer in your posts and then send them emails to let them know about it. It’s a matter of basic psychology as everyone likes to feel acknowledged and appreciated, so the targeted organizations or individuals are likely to share your post on their social accounts. Feel free to use dissertation writing service .

7. Use Quora for Content Promotion

Do you know that millions of users visit Quora every day to find answers to all sorts of more or less interesting questions? This has become an extremely popular platform among people who are looking for credible answers from key opinion leaders in various fields of life and work.

How can you impress the audience on Quora and boost website traffic?

You can do it by creating your own account and contributing to discussions with authoritative answers. The best explanations on Quora get the highest number of upvotes and appear first, thus attracting more readers than other answers.

Whenever you get a chance, you can add an inbound link to your website, but make sure to seize the opportunity only if your post is really relevant to a given Quora discussion.

8. Write Guest Posts

Guest blogging is an old and well-known promotion strategy, but it doesn’t look like losing any of its power in the near future.

Studies reveal that as much as 60% of content creators write articles by using best writing service. They don’t do it because they love working overtime, but because they want to reach out to new audiences and drive additional traffic to their own websites.

Once again, the idea is to write amazing guest posts and insert a highly relevant inbound link somewhere within. The link must redirect readers to the article on your site which supports the initial story and helps the audience to increase the knowledge about the targeted topic.

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9. Post Comments on Other Websites

Here’s another ancient trick that somehow got neglected in the sea of other tactics. Namely, you can find popular websites with lots of followers and post credible comments to grab the attention of other users.

“If you can create quality comments with useful remarks and/or suggestions, then you get the privilege of adding links to the posts on your sites.

10. Repurpose Evergreen Content

The last technique is not a standard content promotion strategy, but rather an improvisation that you can use to reengage the existing audience. The idea is fairly simple – find some of your best posts and repurpose them by giving the same content a different format.

For instance, you can turn interviews into blog posts, blog posts into infographics, infographics into videos, videos into eBooks, and so on. It’s a surefire way to drive website traffic and impress the target audience using good old topics.

11. Make it Shareable

Who says you’re the only one allowed to promote content on social media? You can make the strategy much more impactful simply by making website content shareable. By doing so, you enable visitors who like your posts to share them on their social profiles.

How can you do it? There are so many social sharing tools to try, so feel free to do your own research and find a platform that suits your website the most.

Jake Gardner says that most websites now run on WordPress and so he recommends using a plugin called Social Share Icons: “Using this tool, you can use as many social sharing buttons as you need and make it easy for the fans to promote your content on their social media accounts.


Creating top-notch content is the only surefire way to impress the target audience, but it can only get you so far in the attempt to attract a lot of visitors to the website. You need to take an extra step and design a comprehensive plan of promotion that will grant you additional exposure.

In this article, we discussed 11 content promotion strategies that could help you to drive more traffic to your website. Are you already using some of these techniques? Which one do you believe to be the most important? Share your ideas and suggestions in comments – our readers would love to see it!

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